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NCB 240

navien ncb240 tankless water heater | Central Heating Barrie

-Max Input : 199,900 BTU/H
-Indoor Only
-Residential Only


Super condensing efficiency

Dual stainless steel heat exchangers

SCH40, 2” PVC venting up to 60’

½” Gas pipe up to 24’

Automatic water filling system

integrated controls


Ultra Condensing Efficiency

Navien’s Condensing Technology offers the high efficiency.

Money and energy savings over tank type water heaters and traditional water heaters.

Two Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

Provides longer life expectancy as they are highly resistant to corrosion and erosion compared to copper heat exchangers.

Reduces minerals deposits.

Low NOx Emissions (≤ 20ppm)

New metal fiber burner is designed to deliver a consistent air/gas mixture improving combustion efficiency.

Result in less acid rain and less green house effect.

Comply with SCAQMD 1146.2 strict NOx emissions standard.

2” PVC, CPVC, Polyprophylene Venting Up To 60’

2” venting option allows for a flue to be pulled through the existing vent.

3” vents can be used up to 150’ with standard 2” x 3” adapters.

Utilizes Existing 1/2`` Gas Line

The negative pressure gas valve and fan with dual venturi operation allows for better adaptability to low gas pressure applications.

Makes it possible for the NPE to be installed ½” gas lines up to 24’.

Field Convertible

NCB models allow for easy convertibility from NG to LP.

The ideal solution for customers who need both domestic hot water and a space heating application.

Heats water when needed, making it environmentally sound as well as cost efficient.

Clean: little chance to cause dust or lower humidity because there is no air movement.

Silent: offers silent heating because no blowers are needed for forced circulation.

Comfort: keeps floors warm but indoor air fresh, making people feel warm and comfortable

Coverage: radiant heat makes heating from floor to ceiling possible.

Economical: radiant heat in the floors can transmit warmth throughout the house hours after turning off the heater.

Automatic Water Filling System

The Combi's built-in Control System is designed to keep the unit's plumbing frost free in winter conditions.

Automatically fills water into space heating pipes when the unit senses a water shortage. Powerful Anti-Freeze Feature


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