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Esprit (fireplace)

contemporary fireplace

The Esprit linear gas fireplace offers Pacific Energy’s highest level of quality, technical innovation, and engineering in a modern landscape. For maximum heat and ultimate energy efficiency, the Esprit utilizes large formed steel heat exchangers and standard one-touch programmable remote controls to provide quick, easy control over heat and added energy savings. Even at the lowest settings, flames are appealingly rich and full to gently warm the room.


direct vent technology

SIT Pro Flame 2 valve

high-efficiency heat exchanger with aluminum fins

integrated micro-mesh safety screen

standard remote control

pre-installed in a factory built zero clearance kit

Mobile home approved


interior: brick, stone or porcelain enamel

burner: logset or glass (with or without river rock)

burner: logset or glass (with or without river rock)

surround: contemporary (oversized also available)

variable-speed blower


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