03 Jun Is it Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning Ducts?

Likely because your air conditioner is out of sight, unless something goes wrong it’s not really on your mind; if anything adjusting the thermostat or swapping out a filter is the extent of your involvement with this appliance. It’s very important that you keep an eye on your air conditioning ducts to ensure they remain in good working condition. So why does this matter?

Many people think that once their ducts are installed they will never wear out, but the truth is holes and leaks can occur in time. There are three main signs that could indicate the need for duct replacement in your air conditioning system.

Holes: You should be checking the duct work regularly to verify that it is in good condition. If there are any holes in the duct work, air can escape easily reducing the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Rooms are too Hot or too Cold: If you notice that certain rooms feel colder or warmer than usual, this could be a sure sign of leaky ductwork. If this is the case you should have your air conditioner inspected and duct work tested for possible leakage. Unfortunately leaky ductwork causes air to become too dry in the winter and too humid in the summer, which also leads to issues with humidity.

Excessive Dust: Do you feel like your house is always dusty? Dust pile-up may occur in your home when you have leaks in your ducts. Basically the dust in your attic gets sucked into the ducts and spreads throughout your home. If you find anything unusual, turn to professional advice and speak to a business such as Central Heating which specializes in duct replacement.
If these issues are ignored, damaged ducts can cause the air conditioning system to work that much harder to cool your home this summer. If the system is experiencing this the air conditioning equipment may suffer from early wear and tear which could lead to further repairs. Depending on whether you’ve addressed the issue in time or not, you may need a full replacement of your duct system; however, in doing so you can have the peace of mind in knowing that your air conditioner will provide the quality and reliability you need to keep cool throughout the summer.

Witnessing any of the above? Get in touch with a professional! At CENTRAL HEATING in Orillia and Barrie, we’ll work quickly to resolve any issue with your air conditioning ducts. After diagnosing the problem, we’ll determine what replacements are necessary to achieve the best results within a reasonable budget. Whether you require air conditioning repairs or replacement, our goal is to get your air conditioning system back-up and running as quickly as possible. Please contact Central Heating in Orillia and Barrie today, for quick and efficient service! Call 705-770-5773