20 Feb Keep Your Home Cozy This Winter with a Gas Fireplace From Central Heating

With the brisk temperatures we continue to experience, nothing feels better after a long day than entering a warm and cozy home.  While a standard heating system will obviously help to maintain a comfortable temperature, it can still be a challenge to keep up with the colder temperatures. Installing a gas fireplace in your living room, bedroom, or dining room, will provide you with extra warmth you may need this winter.

Perhaps you have a wood burning fireplace already? Unlike wood fireplaces that can be extremely messy and costly, a gas fireplace will let you enjoy the relaxation of a warm glow, but without the high costs and maintenance that comes with wood fireplaces. Installing a gas fireplace can help keep your home cozy this winter and reduce the mess and added cost.

Here’s why you should consider swapping out your wood fireplace with a gas fireplace:

Warmth you can rely on – With a consistent amount of fuel, your fire will remain “lit” for as long as desired. No need to worry about maintaining a “flame”; you control the warmth.

Convenience – There’s no set-up required; simply turn it off or on whenever it suits you.

No Mess– Unlike with a wood-burning fireplace, there are no wood chips, ashes, bark, or smoke to deal with. Central Heating’s fireplaces are entirely programmable and can be managed through a remote control. You can even program your fireplace to turn on as your work day ends; pretty nice to come home to!

Cost efficient – When you factor in all components, operating a natural gas fireplace is significantly more cost-effective than a wood fireplace.

Instant Charm– Gas fireplaces bring a sense of beauty immediately to any room.  Plus, you have the benefit of customizing your gas fireplace to blend into your unique décor.

No electricity, No problem – Power outages happen, but the nice aspect that comes with a gas fireplace is that access to electricity isn’t necessary. Enjoy the heat of your gas fireplace regardless of if there is power or not.Gas fireplaces require no electricity, and you gain the added benefit of installing it wherever you choose; there is no wiring involved at all.

Central Heating has experience servicing, installing, and maintaining Napoleon, Valor, Montigo and many more top of the line gas fireplaces. For more information about adding a gas fireplace, please feel free to contact us at 705.770.5773. We’ll help you select an appropriate gas fireplace that’s fitting to your lifestyle and home design.