Don't Forget to Spring Clean the Air Ducts

Spring is Air-Duct Cleaning Season

Spring is most people’s favorite season, but spring is synonymous with allergies and spring cleaning. Luckily, devoting some time to spring cleaning can drastically reduce allergy symptoms that affect most people to some degree. 

Cleaner air inside the home is the best place to start when it comes to reducing allergy symptoms, and ductwork is a great place to start cleaning up the air. Why not add duct cleaning to the to-do list during spring cleaning tasks? Here is some advice from local duct cleaning experts to help homeowners decide if it is right. 

Reasons to Schedule Air Duct Cleaning 

air ductAll the air in a home flows through air ducts multiple times daily. During the winter, people spend more time indoors, so naturally, dust and grime are more likely to build up inside ducts, contributing to common winter respiratory problems like sinus infections, colds, and the flu. Unfortunately, the build-up in ductwork reaches its worst just in time to exacerbate spring allergies. 

When the air ducts in a home are dirty, there is virtually no way to relieve allergy symptoms. The only way to stop allergies is to get a fresh start and have the air ducts professionally cleaned. Professional duct cleaning removes the dust and mold built up inside the ductwork. This not only cleans up the air in the home but also keeps the home more hygienic and reduces the load on the air conditioner. This means that air duct cleaning can have positive effects like: 

  • Lower heating and cooling bills
  • A cleaner home
  • Lessened respiratory distress 

Signs That It’s Time for Air Duct Cleaning

Experts debate about how often air ducts should be cleaned. Most agree that having the ductwork cleaned every year is unnecessary. However, there are occasions when annual duct cleaning may be a great idea. Some of the signs to help homeowners determine if duct cleaning is overdue are: 

  • Dust clinging to supply grates
  • Poor airflow in the home
  • Mold issues in bathrooms and around windows
  • Bad allergies or worsening lung issues
  • Bad odors that keep coming back
  • High bills and decreased comfort

If any of these signs are noticed, a duct cleaning may be all that is necessary to make things right. 

Easy Ways to Keep Air Ducts Cleaner 

air ductsIn most homes, duct cleaning is done every two to three years. To make the results last longer, homeowners can make a few changes around the house. Since the cause of dirty ductwork is usually an abundance of dust within the ducts, the best way to preserve the air between duct cleanings is to keep the home tidier. To improve the air in the home, try things like: 

  • Replacing air filters every three months
  • Using exhaust fans in the bathroom to expel excess humidity
  • Dust flat surfaces weekly
  • Vacuum and sweep to remove the source of dust
  • Wash bedding, clothing, and towels regularly
  • Keep pets groomed to reduce dirt and dander in the home 

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