Why Every Homeowner Should Call Professional HVAC Contractors for Heater Repair

The High Cost of HVAC DIY Comes in Threes

When the home’s central air system begins making funny noises, or it doesn’t heat up as quickly as it should, there is always a temptation for the homeowners to take it upon themselves to investigate and attempt to diagnose the problem. This temptation is compounded by the fact that it is very easy to find “experts” online with a series of YouTube videos discussing how a person can fix their HVAC. This is, quite literally, a dangerous trend to emulate. There are many hidden costs associated with the do-it-yourself model that those so-called experts rarely discuss.

The High Cost of Mistakessave

One of the hidden costs that can end up affecting a repair project involves the lack of experience of the typical homeowner. There is a learning process with every project, and while mistakes are normal, learning through mistakes does come at a price. Sometimes it is simply the cost of buying the wrong replacement part, making another purchase or using the wrong tool, but there are much more expensive mistakes. Any insurance won’t cover these mistakes, and the homeowner will have to pay for them. Such mistakes include the following list:

  • Misdiagnosis: An untrained and inexperienced homeowner may think they know what is wrong with their HVAC system and attempt an air conditioner repair. If they replace a part that didn’t need it, they are left with the same problem.
  • Wrong Tools: Not having the right tool for the job can make it difficult if not impossible and may require additional purchases.
  • Catastrophic Failure: This is when instead of making the problem better, the situation is made worse by DIY. An inexperienced person can damage their system and need to be corrected by a professional. This will cost much more than hiring a professional to repair the initial problem.
  • Injury: Without proper safety equipment and training, a person can cause injury trying to repair. Then they have an emergency medical bill to deal with as well as the cost of the repair.

The High Cost of Losing Free Timesave

xWhen individuals decide to take on a DIY repair, they have to use their free time to do it. Not only does this cut into leisure time, but because of the limited number of hours a person has available for a repair project such as this, the project may take a long time to complete. An HVAC technician is working on the clock and has the experience to complete an HVAC repair in a much shorter time. Even simple maintenance will take less time when a pro does it. Here are a few of the ways it saves time to hire a professional:

  • They have training
  • They have experience
  • They have the right tools and safety equipment

The Cost of Anxiety versus Peace of Mind

A homeowner’s question may be, “But what if the HVAC professionals make a mistake or get injured?” Well, that cost goes to the insurance coverage that the HVAC company must carry. Receiving a license often requires not just training and exam results but also insurance. The homeowner can be assured that they will have the job done right the first time and that there will be no extra cost to them if something happens that is not their fault. Customers should be sure they are hiring a licensed and insured professional.

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A Broken Heater Can Put A Halloween Movie Marathon on Ice

Shivers Should Only Come From the Scary Movie, Not a Poorly Performing Heating Unit

Halloween is a great time to cozy up in a blanket fort and watch scary (or not-so-scary) movies, but if the heater isn’t working properly, it can interfere with even the best-laid plans. If a homeowner has not recently had maintenance work done on their heater, or if it is an older one, it may be near the end of its life. This article will discuss some signs that a home’s heater may be calling for help.

The Home Isn’t Getting Warm

Does the home just seem colder than a person should expect? Heat loss can be due to several factors, including problems with insulation(particularly around windows and doors), power surges, and a malfunctioning thermostat. Weather stripping on windows and doors can help prevent heat loss and reduce energy bills. Power surges may throw breakers connected to the heater, which one can easily correct. If the thermostat is set too low, the settings can easily. If none of these seem to be the issue, it is likely a problem with the unit itself. It is then time to make an appointment with a professional HVAC contractor. Here are a few of the reasons a unit might not be heating as it should:

  • Clogged ducts
  • Failing heat exchanger
  • Dirty heating element
  • Malfunctioning heating element
  • Clogged fuel lines (in the case of a gas furnace)
  • Malfunctioning blower

All of these problems can be fixed by a professional with relative ease.

Banging, Hissing, and Rattling 

soundsHas the house suddenly become much noisier? Unusual sounds coming from the heating unit could be signs of a spiritual presence, but it is more likely a sign that the heater is getting ready to break down. These machines can make various sounds, and though the official diagnosis of a heater should come from qualified professionals, the following list may help a homeowner identify issues and help prepare for the HVAC technician’s visit.
  • Banging: This is a startling one, but it can mean there is a problem with the ignitor, meaning it is late to light, causing a small gas explosion every time it turns on.
  • Rattling: Usually, the heater has a loose part causing vibration and noise.
  • Hissing or Whistling: This can mean several things, whether a blocked air filter or a problem with the fuel line.
  • Whining or Shrieking: High-pitched noises indicate a problem with a belt wearing out.
  • Loud Humming: If the normal sound of the heater cycling seems to have gotten louder, there may be a problem with the blower.

Very High Energy Bills

saveThough sounds and inconsistent temperatures may go unnoticed, a huge increase in household energy bills with no easy explanation will usually draw attention. If the heater is wearing out and needs repair or replacement, it may need more energy to work at the same level. This loss of efficiency is not uncommon, and if an HVAC technician repairs the unit, the bills will drop back to reasonable levels again.

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