How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in 2023

Air Quality Tips from Heating and Cooling Experts

The air that we breathe has a big impact on our overall health. In this blog post, we share tips from professional HVAC technicians on improving indoor air quality for 2023. Improving indoor air quality is a New Year's resolution that will benefit homeowners by protecting their health from airborne contaminants and keeping a cleaner home. 

Indoor air quality refers to the cleanliness and humidity of the air inside. Stuffy, dusty homes can cause respiratory illness for those who live inside. Mold, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants can be inhaled and absorbed into the body's system. Having cleaner air indoors will improve health and wellness. 

Replace Air Filters More Often

filtersOne of the easiest but often overlooked steps to HVAC maintenance is to change the air filters on time. Keeping a clean air filter in the HVAC system is essential for promoting efficient performance and keeping the air clean. The air filter is a mesh screen placed over the HVAC system's air intake to prevent airborne particles of dirt, dust, and hair from getting sucked into the system. 

Without a clean air filter, contaminants can continue to recirculate. Changing the air filter every one to three months is the best way to keep indoor air quality healthy and clean. They make heavy-duty air filters that can remove a higher percentage of airborne particles. Homeowners with pets or large families may need to change air filters more often. 

Invest In Air Purifiers and Air Sanitizers 

purifierAdding an air purifier or sanitizer to the house can take indoor air quality to the next level. There are many different options for homeowners, including portable air purifiers or whole-home air sanitizers. Air sanitizers are commonly found in hospitals and other corporate health environments. 

During cold and flu season having an air sanitizer that kills bacteria and germs could be lifesaving. Air purifiers, on the other hand, are effective for removing dust, animal hair, and other allergens from the air. Only some air purification systems offer the same benefits, so homeowners should shop for the perfect option. A trusted local HVAC company can help homeowners determine which air purification system would work best for their household. 

Clean More Often

Keeping the air cleaner is sometimes as simple as keeping the home cleaner. Dust on top of cabinets and under furniture may be invisible to the eye, but it recirculates throughout the home via the HVAC system. Keeping the home dust-free prevents particles from being inhaled and causing health issues. Frequently sweeping and vacuuming will help to keep debris, such as dirt, from contaminating the air. 

If there is constantly a new layer of dust forming on top of furniture right after being cleaned, there may be a buildup of dust in the air ducts or HVAC system. It may require professional duct cleaning services to remove the buildup of dust and debris and improve indoor air quality. The start of the new year is the perfect time for homeowners to get a head start on home improvements like improving indoor air quality. 

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