Is the Beginning of the Summer the Best Time for AC Replacement?

Signs That the AC Unit Needs to Be Replaced Before Summer Begins 

The spring is a great time for homeowners to breathe a sigh of relief. After a cold winter with high heating bills, most homes enjoy a break before the cooling bills become oppressive during the summer. Not only can the worry about high energy bills ruin the mood of this exciting season, but it can also cause doubts about the ability of the current AC unit to keep up or even survive the coming summer. 

AC replacement is a big decision mainly because of the cost. Installing new AC systems can be expensive, so homeowners want to make an informed decision so they don't spend money before it is necessary. Here are some ideas that help homeowners determine if this is the perfect time to replace their air conditioner before high bills and unexpected repairs cause unnecessary expenditures. 

The Unit is Too Old 

oldThe first thing that is good to examine when determining when to replace the AC is the current system's age. Most air conditioners with good maintenance are expected to last between 20 and 25 years. After this point, the system will fail at several points, and operating costs will skyrocket. If good maintenance practices are not observed, the unit may fail after just 15 years. 

To determine the age of the AC system in the home, look at the machinery itself. Label plates will be obvious on the outdoor compressor unit and the furnace inside. Write down the serial numbers on both pieces of equipment and check them against the manufacturer's serial number decoder. This will tell the owner the exact age of the system and help them to get an idea of when it might need to be replaced. 

Efficiency is Causing High Energy Bills 

The second hallmark of an AC unit that may need to be replaced is high energy bills. Every year an AC is in service, it will lose several percentage points of efficiency. This will be painfully evident after a few years when costs rise. 

To preserve efficiency, homeowners should ensure that maintenance protocols are strictly followed. Yearly AC maintenance can protect efficiency and prevent unexpected problems that add to operating costs. Even after a few years of neglected maintenance, a tune-up can restore efficiency, especially on newer machines. 

Cooling Power is Inadequate 

hotAfter years of service and lost efficiency, an AC may fail to keep the home cool enough. Not only will this be evident in high utility bills since the unit will run longer, but the home will be noticeably less comfortable. This is due to a confluence of factors like: 

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Poor insulation
  • Low efficiency
  • Leaky ductwork

If the air conditioner seems to be working harder than normal, but the house is still warm and muggy, it may be time for an AC replacement this summer, especially if the other signs are evident. 

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