Spring for a Dehumidifier This Summer

Understanding Humidity 

One of the concepts of comfort and air quality that is underappreciated is the concept of humidity. Humidity can directly affect both comfort and health regarding air quality, but many people don’t understand what it is or why it is important. 

Humidity, in its simplest form, measures the amount of water vapor in the air. While this may not sound particularly consequential, the amount of water in the air drastically affects how humans perceive heat and regulate their body temperature through sweating. Low humidity can cause problems like dry skin and poor lung health, while high humidity can cause mold growth in a home. 

Humidity is an important part of the weather outdoors, and while outdoor humidity can affect humidity indoors, it must be controlled. Luckily, dehumidifiers can be installed to keep moisture in the air between 40% and 60%, the sweet spot for human health and comfort. 

What Does a Dehumidifier Do to Help Air Quality? 

dehumidifierIn most homes, humidity levels are too high. Humidity in the home comes from sources like cooking and bathing, but it also depends largely on the local weather conditions. The air will feel clammy and warm with high humidity, and the air conditioner must work harder to keep everyone comfortable. 

Whole-home dehumidifiers work with central AC equipment to keep humidity levels low. In principle, they operate very much like an air conditioner. They use refrigerants to cool coils in the dehumidifier. As warm, moist air passes over the cooled coils, condensation drains away. This keeps the air drier and healthier in the home. 

When to Install a Dehumidifier 

moldDehumidifiers are important tools for those with lung issues like asthma, COPD, or chronic sinus infections. Dehumidifiers contribute to air quality by keeping moisture in check that would otherwise bolster the growth of pathogens and mold in the home. When mold growth is encouraged, the health implications can be disastrous. Some of the signs that mold growth is a problem in the home are: 

  • Musty odors that can’t be removed or covered up
  • Constant lung irritation
  • Condensation around windows
  • Black smudges around the edges of windows or walls in bathrooms 

The best way to combat mold is to stop its growth. Whole-house dehumidifiers immediately reduce moisture, stopping the growth of harmful molds. 

Benefits of Whole-Home Dehumidifiers 

Summer is the best time to utilize dehumidifiers. Humidity is a constant problem in the summer because the warm air that rolls in can hold more moisture than cold air during the cooler seasons. Besides improved health, one of the chief benefits of dehumidifiers in the summer is improved comfort. Lowering the humidity in the home is the best way to allow the body to cool itself more effectively. Most people installing dehumidifiers notice they feel cooler even when the thermostat is set higher. This can lead to a reduction in cooling bills without sacrificing comfort. 

About Central Heating

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