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Prepare for Winter with Early Fall Heating System Maintenance 

It may seem too early to prepare for winter, but the time is right. Even with high temperatures and the air conditioner still churning every day, cooler weather will soon come. When that happens, there is a rush to catch up, but it will be too late for many people. Every year, heater maintenance technicians have to deal with an onslaught of people calling for emergency maintenance or repairs as soon as the first frost hits, and the rush can prevent them from servicing every customer on time. 

This year, take the initiative and call for heater maintenance before it is too late. Allowing a professional the chance to take care of the heater before it starts the long winter can mean that homeowners are ready when the temperature drops. Here is a quick guide to winter heater maintenance and why early-season maintenance is best. 

Benefits of Heating System Maintenance 

save Whether it is still late summer or autumn has set in, heater maintenance is one of the best things an owner can do to keep their home operating in the best possible manner during the winter. Heater maintenance is a series of steps performed by professionals that allow heaters access to benefits that ensure things like: 

  • The heater will run reliably during the winter and not suffer a mechanical problem 
  • Heaters will run at peak efficiency, thus saving money on monthly heating bills
  • The home will be more comfortable due to freely circulating warm air
  • Higher air quality will protect those in the home from winter illnesses by removing dust and humidity 

What is Included in a Heater Tune-Up?

maintenanceHeater tune-ups and heating maintenance are essentially the same service with the same goals. During a visit from a heating professional, technicians will look at all of the components in a heating system and inspect them for deficiencies. Some of the specific tasks they will do include: 

  • Inspecting visible air ducts
  • Cleaning the burner
  • Lubricating bearings and moving parts
  • Replacing belts and cleaning blower fans
  • Checking motors and electrical connections

Even if the owner forgets to schedule professional heater maintenance, one of the most important steps is one they can do on their own. Changing the air filter every three months is the responsibility of every owner, and it is one of the best things owners can do to protect efficiency and keep the air in the home cleaner. 

Is It Too Early? 

One of the most common replies, when technicians encourage people to schedule early heating maintenance, is that there is still some summer left, and it's too early. One of the main reasons technicians encourage people to get heater maintenance early is to keep their schedules more open during the fall and early winter. Once owners start using their heaters, technicians constantly work on repairs and have less time for maintenance, leaving customers dissatisfied and unprotected. By scheduling maintenance early, owners get this valuable service's protection and peace of mind. 

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