Air Conditioners

Looking for an air conditioner in Barrie? Central Heating has a variety innovating solutions of for both residential and commercial cooling solutions. Central Heating offers installation working with home owners and commercial building managers to build a custom solution for your specific cooling needs.

Our low ambient mini split solutions offer both a cassette and ducted solution that can be customized to flow over the front of the servers or whatever else the situation dictates. These Mitsubishi P Series units works down to -40c making them the only choice for air conditioners in Barrie’s cold winter months. Normal rooftop air conditioners only provide cooling to 0c before they start to freeze up and don’t do the job they have been intended to do.

Mitsubishi also offers an innovative commercial building solution using refrigerant to both heat and cool the building in one package that is fully customizable to your buildings unique needs. The City Multi can replace your rooftop or be designed in to your new building with absolutely no ducts. One City Multi can handle up to 50 heads and can actually run both heating and cooling (in different zones) recovering heat from one zone that’s cooling to another that needs heat.  City Multi will actually switch over from heating to cooling or vice versa to keep the room at + or – 1.5c.

A mini split is used when the home or cottage doesn’t have a duct system or if there is a zone or room in a house that your central system doesn’t do a great job of cooling or heating. We are also factory authorized reps for Mitsubishi Electric and have extensive experience installing and maintaining their Mr. Slim line up of residential ac’s and heat pumps. Mr. Slim heat pumps can give you cooling but also give you a heating option that can be used to -25c.

All of this makes Mr. Slim a great replacement for the noisy in efficient widow units. Mr. Slim is also a great replacement for baseboard heating with an efficient scroll compressor and 23 seer efficiency make them a great way to heat a home as well.

We keep your home and office comfortable, safe and energy efficient year round.