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Furnace Replacement

Central Heating is a full service gas and cooling contractor. We are fully licensed and insured for both gas and air conditioning, and we specialize in furnace replacement in the Barrie area. You can take comfort in our ability to walk you through the process of changing out your existing furnace to a quieter more efficient furnace. Central Heating offers replacement furnaces in Barrie for the following applications:

Gas to Gas furnaces

Electric to gas

Electric to Electric

Oil to gas

Oil to heat pump

Furnace Replacement in Barrie

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Not sure what your best option is? Thinking you might need to replace your furnace? Central Heating has experience converting from both oil and electric to gas. With electric we have seen savings of over $1000 per year making the return on investment around 4 years to pay for the complete system including installation.

With oil furnaces becoming more and more difficult to operate due to rising fuel costs and insurance issues with everything to tank placement to age of the equipment. Oil furnaces can only operate up to 80% efficiency propane is a great alternative that gives you a smaller equipment profile saving you space and can operate up to 95% saving you overall fuel costs.

No access to propane? We can help with a high efficiency heat pump that operates down to -25c. Mitsubishi offers the Zuba system that operates as a heat pump or air conditioner all in one unit. The Zuba system is an economical alternative that gives a return on investment similar to Geothermal without any drilling.

For home owners looking to replace furnaces in Barrie, it can be a large decision, and one that they have to live with for the next 15 to 20 years. Central Heating can help guide you to replacement furnaces you can both afford and gives you the comfort level that you are searching for.

Need to replace your furnace but don’t have the money up front? That’s ok Central Heating offers financing and rent to own with flexible terms that can be paid off in full at any time. For your convenience we can offer your payment on your Enbridge gas bill if you are in the Simcoe county area. For non Enbridge territory customers we offer per authorized payments through your bank.

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