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Gas Fireplace Installation

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A gas or propane fireplace is a great way to warm up a cool room in the house using zone heating. Gone are the fireplaces of old with the gaudy gold trim and small viewing windows with fake looking logs. New sleek linear designs with several different fire bed and back ground choices make to possibilities endless.

Central Heating also has experience with gas fireplaces in Barrie’s commercial market. We have installed custom designed fireplaces in sitting rooms, hotel lobbies and malls. We can have Montigo custom design the shape and fire bed to suit your great room or lobby.  The fire bed selections can be traditional wood burning look to sand, glass and river rock.

Gas fireplaces don’t have to be boring anymore, the flexibility of the Valor line is unsurpassed. The Portrait fireplace lineup has 6 different fronts plus 3 different fire bed options. This same fireplace can be everything from a contemporary linear to being a direct replacement for a coal burning fireplace in a century home.

Gas and Propane Fireplace Dealer

All the gas fireplaces Central Heating sells don’t require power making them great to keep the house warm if your area experiences frequent power outages. Gas fireplaces also provide zone heating for areas of your house that the central furnace or boiler doesn’t keep at a comfortable temperature.

You have the option to turn down your furnace and just heat the room you are in keeping you comfortable and saving you energy. Napoleon gas fireplaces also make several sleek new designs that are reliable and keep on budget boasting both a builder line and a premium line making them a great choice for builders and homeowners delivering both the design and comfort homeowners are looking for.

Central Heating can help you select a fireplace to suit your tastes and budget and also help you finish your space with our selection of pre-manufactured mantles and custom made wall-finishing. We work with quality craftsmen to produce wood, tile and stone mantles to give your room that custom finished touch.

We have installed commercial fireplaces of 72” down to small inserts that are 20’’. We have a variety of fireplaces for different applications with inserts for retrofitting existing wood burning fireplaces to direct vent fireplaces for new construction.

Gas Fireplace | Central Heating Barrie

Central heating has experience servicing installing and maintaining Napoleon, Valor, Montigo and many more! Call or email today for more details.