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Gas Piping for Appliances

natural gas pipe | Central Heating Barrie

Central Heating provides all your gas piping needs for gas appliances. We are fully licensed and insured gas contractors certified by the T.S.S.A Central Heating uses both ridged gas pipe (sometimes referred to as black iron) and Proflex a corrugated stainless steel pipe that is flexible and can be very useful in concealed locations.

Unlike most contractors we run hard gas piping for all main and branch lines with the exception of gas fireplaces.

We use ridged piping for a couple of reasons:

Ridged gas pipe looks much straighter when run particularly outside on long runs

Ridged gas pipe is much easier to electrically bond keeping the install within electrical and gas code

Ridged gas pipe is quite a bit more resilient to damage from a nail or screw increasing the safety factor to  protect against leaks

Central Heating can provide code compliant gas piping in Barrie for new builds and retro fits in the residential and commercial markets. This includes:

New homes both custom and production

Home retro fits electric to gas oil to gas conversions

Underground gas piping (pool heaters, garage heaters)

Restaurants (all appliances)

Rooftop commercial heaters

Gas Piping Installation in Barrie

When Central Heating commissions a new system gas piping system we pressure test with air for leaks to insure that we save you from an accident or charges from a costly leak.

One of Central Heating’s specialties is underground gas lines to hide unsightly gas lines for pool heaters, outdoor fireplaces and patio heaters. Underground lines are also an excellent way to hide gas lines for standby generators and getting gas to a detached garage or shop. This keeps the look clean for your backyard and also decreases the chances of the gas line being damaged and causing a leak.

Central Heating also offers a conversion service for homes or businesses that are on oil or electric heating and want to convert to natural gas or liquid propane. We deal with the service provider from the application process to the finish inspection with the local utility inspector.



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