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Hydronic In-Floor Heating

Hydronic In-Floor Heating | Central Heating Barrie

In-floor heating is a form of hydronic heating. Hydronic heating uses water as the medium of heat transfer opposed to furnaces that use air to heat the space. In-floor heating specifically covers the use of piping running through or beneath your flooring that gently warms the room. The advantage to hydronic heating is it’s a gentle heat. It warms slowly and consistently leaving it warmer at your feet with less deferential of the temperature from floor to ceiling.

Hydronic In-Floor Heating Installation in Barrie

With water heating you can also use baseboard rads, steel rads and even towel racks. You can use any combination of these emitters and even mix and match to suit each room well matching the heat load.

This system can also be used to heat your potable (drinking water) in what is called an indirect tank. The advantage of this is using a high efficiency boiler you increase your efficiency of your hot water heating by about 15%.The boiler heats the water much quicker than a conventional tank so you can also decrease the size of your tank decreasing the standby losses. All of this is heated by a boiler.

Most boilers today are wall hung and high efficiency (around 94%). Often in a retrofit, you can see savings of around the 20% mark due to the advancements in recent years to the controls and outdoor resets.

There are now options for solar heating and using the boiler as a supplemental heating source making it possible to downsize the boiler even further. In-floor heating offers many advantages over forced air heating. Hydronic heating keeps an even temperature throughout the room. Unlike forced air that stratifies the temperature creating as much of a swing from the floor to the ceiling of 8c.

Boiler systems are much more versatile and easily be configured or upgraded with minimal damage to the home. In-floor heating needs no duct work making them the main choice for custom home builders and high end designers that don’t want their designs compromised with bulkheads through the home.

Water heating in general is a healthier choice for thoughts with allergies or immune or breathing issues as there is no dust or viruses spread through the air. Central Heating in Barrie is your local expert for new installations. We offer a design service for both hydronic and forced air applications.

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