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Standby Generators

Generac gp3250 standby generators | Central Heating Barrie

Are you in an area that experiences frequent power outages? Central Heating is an authorized Generac standby generator installation provider that is an experienced installer with both electrical and gas licensing.

A standby generator is a great way to keep essential appliances running such as freezers and fridges, furnaces, sump pumps, stoves or any other appliance that needs to be on at all times. Generators operate on both natural gas and propane so no matter what your fuel source we have you covered.

Central Heating is also an authorized seller for Generac’s complete lineup of portable generators for plug-in home backup, remote applications such as the cottage or worksite.ons:

Central Heating also offers large commercial/industrial backup generators for whole building backup. Some of our installation applications include hospitals, long-term care facilities, office buildings, apartment buildings, and any other large building that can’t afford to have the power go out.

Standby Generators

Electrical safety permit with an inspection for ESA

A pad for the generator to sit on

Start up battery for the generator

The first semiannual oil and filter change

TSSA licensed and insured gas fitter

If you experience frequent power outages or are a snow bird and need to know you have power no matter what. The generator can even be setup with your home alarm to alert you if there problem with it. This is a great feature for remote locations like the cottage as you can dispatch a service tech without ever having to leave home. Central Heating offers service of Generac standby generators in Simcoe County and all of cottage country including the Muskoka’s and Kawartha.

Trust Central Heating with your next generator project whether you’re looking for a portable unit or a large diesel unit, we have you covered. Call us today for a no obligation quote at 705-770-5773.