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Tankless Water Heaters

What is a tankless water heater? It’s an instantaneous water heater that heats the water as needed vs. a conventional water heater that stores hot water until it’s needed. Some of the advantages of tankless hot water heaters are:

You only pay for what you use as opposed to and storage types were you pay to keep it warm for when you need it.

Space savings as they hang on the wall making them great for cottages or small homes were space is at a premium.

Space savings as they hang on the wall making them great for cottages or small homes were space is at a premium.

A tankless hot water heater in Barrie’s average life span is 20 years, were as most tanks in Simcoe County are being replaced around the 12 year mark.

Endless hot water supply

High efficiency performance 94% afue (tanks are typically 68%)

Tankless water heaters also show a substantial savings in a light to heavy commercial applications as well. Apartment buildings, gyms, schools and restaurants are great examples of establishments that have large draws of water at peak periods followed by long periods with little to no use. Tankless water heaters can be linked together to provide water heating in large buildings making the sizing possibilities endless.

Tankless water heaters | Central Heating Barrie

Central Heating uses two manufactures for our tankless installations. Noritz is our mainline tankless water heater for a number of reasons. They have a copper primary heat exchanger that is 25% thicker than the stainless competitors. The heat exchanger is the most important part on the water heater making it the longest lasting heater in the industry.

The copper heat exchanger also has another advantage it transfers heat much better than a stainless heat exchanger making the time hot water gets to the tap quicker than the competitors. The other tankless manufacturer that we use is Navien. We find their boiler and tankless combo unit to be the best in the business. They save space being a two in one and work great for heating small to midsized homes and see great results with in-floor heating.

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