Three Ways to Cut Cooling Costs This Summer

Save Money and Stay Cool 

Cooling bills in the summer can easily undo the comfort brought by the air conditioning system. Too often, homeowners are faced with the unpleasant decision of choosing between paying stifling bills and living in a stifling home. Surely there is a better way!

Most homeowners don't know that choosing between comfort and savings doesn't have to be a binary choice. Nearly every home is already equipped or can quickly be equipped with equipment that can improve comfort without sacrificing savings. Here are the top tips from local experts to help every homeowner save money and stay comfortable this summer. 

Install Smart Thermostats 

thermostatThe key to saving money during the summer is simple: make the air conditioner run less. The good news is this is an easily achievable goal. Furthermore, this can be accomplished while still keeping the home cool and comfortable. The first thing that homeowners should do is get technology on their side. 

New programmable thermostats and smart thermostats are great tools for cutting down the runtime of the air conditioner without leaving the home hot. Smart thermostats automatically learn the movements of those in the home and adjust the setpoint of the AC system higher when no one is home. As people return home, the thermostat allows the air conditioner to catch home so the home is comfortable. Programmable thermostats accomplish the same thing, except the owner has to schedule times for the air conditioner to sit idle.  

Look for Opportunities to Install Weatherstripping 

weather strippingThe next best thing homeowners can do to keep their homes cool and save money is to make the air conditioner's job easier. When technicians install an air conditioner, they size it according to the load it must overcome to keep the home cool. Some of the factors that they take into account include things like: 

  • The thickness of the walls
  • Types of insulation
  • R-value of windows
  • Solar exposure 

When these factors aren't considered, a larger load is placed on the air conditioner, and bills skyrocket. One of the simple things homeowners can do to reinforce these load factors is install weatherstripping around windows and doors. This keeps cool air from leaking out and wasting energy. Weatherstripping is easy and cheap and can be done in one afternoon by any homeowner. 

Use Fans as Intended 

The final change that homeowners can make to keep their homes cool and their bills low is using ceiling fans as intended. Most homes come pre-equipped with ceiling fans, but for those that don't, owners should consider installing them in frequently-occupied areas like living rooms and bedrooms. 

To maximize the cooling power of fans, make sure they turn in the correct direction. In the summer, fans should turn counterclockwise. This pushes a draft of air past people sitting beneath. The draft cools by speeding the evaporation of moisture on the skin, causing a cooling effect. While fans don't lower the temperature, they are a cheap way of maximizing the effectiveness of the body's cooling system. 

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